Celebrating Young Talent: Meet the Stage Competition Winners of the Young Talent Expo!

Young Talent Expo

On Saturday 7th October, Young Talent Expo will witness an incredible showcase of young talent from all over the UK. Among the numerous impressive entries for our Stage Competition, only five exceptional performers stood out and earned the opportunity to perform on the grand stage. These talented individuals were selected by the esteemed Casting Director, Kate Bone. Join us in celebrating the Stage Competition winners: Grace Nettle, Isla Smith, Tamara O’Connor, Thea Achillea, and Olivia Wright. Grace, Isla and Tamara make up our singers and Thea and Olivia make up our actors for the Stage.

While these five young talents stood out as the Stage Competition winners, it’s important to acknowledge that the competition was fierce, and all participants brought their A-game. Each performer brought something unique and special,making the judging process incredibly challenging for Kate Bone.

Young Talent Expo’s Stage Competition served as a reminder of the immense pool of potential and creativity that our young performers of today possess! Congratulations to the winners, and a heartfelt thank you to all participants, parents and Kate Bone for making this event sure to be a memorable showcase of young talent.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get round to participating this time, there are more opportunities to be seen by casting directors as well as agents at the Expo with our Perform 4 Good opportunity. Check it out here: Young Talent Expo.

Competition winners