The TIRED Movement joins Young Talent Expo


The TIRED Movement was founded in 2020 as a social enterprise (not for profit) to raise awareness about the racial injustice within the industry and the importance of representation in dance education. The movement has gained great momentum and support from the dance community and has made great strides towards implementing change across all sectors.

 Our mission is to unite the dance community with a seamless line of communication that both educates and motivates teachers of our future generation. Creating a movement that is inclusive, informative and provides a safe space for honest conversations along with inciting regular observations of the appropriate delivery of inclusive dance education.

The TIRED Movement has been working tirelessly to engage with schools, colleges, awarding bodies and organizations, to encourage them to see the value of the movement and how working as a collective to drive the changes is paramount. Delivering CPD training, providing valuable insight through symposiums and talks.

This year saw the launch of a 3-year research project, “RED” (Racial Equity in Dance).  The project is a collaboration between TIRED and some of the leading performing arts colleges in the country, including Bird College and Laine Theatre Arts.  Exploring the barriers and challenges faced of having too little racial representation in dance education, the TIRED Movement are working with students, faculty, and staff to develop a framework that can be embedded to monitor representation and inclusivity.

Our co-founder Stacey Green is an RSA Fellow who is part of the One Dance UK roundtable that contributed to the new “RIDE” (Representation in Dance Education) resources, as well being part of the racial equity steering group at the ISTD. We have now built a strong relationship with CEO Ginny Brown, who credits the TIRED movement with being instrumental in driving the changes within the ISTD and their current new module for the DDE teacher training qualification, that focuses on EDI.

For the past 2 years, the TIRED Movement have been a charity partner for

“Move It” at the London ExCel.  Delivering talks and workshops.  This year they launched an inclusive dance brand, Shades Dancewear.  Offering 4 shades of skin tone in all matching products, Shades Dancewear enables dancers to embrace their ethnicity from the moment they step into their very first ballet class and retain their identity throughout their training and career.

You will be able to visit the TIRED stand, where you will be able to receive support and guidance as well as purchase TIRED merchandise to support the movement.

TIRED will also be talking on the main stage as well as a performance from the ambassadors of the movement and Shades Dancewear.

“We are so excited to become a charity partner of Young Talent Expo 2023!  This is fantastic opportunity to demonstrate a joint commitment to improving racial representation in dance education.”

“The more voices we hear, the louder we become.”