Broadgate 1
10:30 am

Finding & Signing With An Agent

Hosted by Warren Bacci - Agent

Finding and signing with an agent can be key to your child’s acting career. Not every performer needs an agent, although it can be a great opportunity...

11:30 am

Stand Out & Be Memorable To Casting Directors

Hosted by Sydney Aldridge - Casting Director

Standing out for the right reasons is tough. With thousands of actors applying for every role, and that pool getting even larger since self-tapes became...

12:30 pm

Auditioning For Film & TV

Hosted by Nancy Bishop - Casting Director

Nancy will be explaining the craft of film auditioning in front of the camera and highlighting how to use today’s internet technologies to advance...

1:30 pm

Demystifying The Casting Process For Young Performers

Hosted by Nikki Meadows - Casting Director

An honest, positive, and proactive conversation about what auditioning in this current world means and de-bunking those fears around meeting Casting...

2:30 pm

Inside An Audition Room

Hosted by Gillian Hawser - Casting Director

In a world full of self-tapes and zoom auditions, what is it like when you are inside the audition room? So many auditions, and recalls/chemistry calls...

3:30 pm

Lights, Camera, Influence: Progressing An Acting Career Using Social Media

Hosted by Oli Hills - CEO, Nonsensical

Description: In today’s digital age, social media platforms offer unprecedented opportunities for actors to build a personal brand, connect with...

4:30 pm

TV Commercials: The Audition Process

Hosted by Andrea Clark - Casting Director

Q&A with leading Casting Director, Andrea Clark. TV Commercials are a lucrative industry for many young performers, and understanding the audition...

Broadgate 2
10:45 am

Prepare Yourself And Your Child For Their First Audition

Hosted by Yvonne Lawler - Casting Director

At last! Your agent has called, and you or your child has their first audition! But wait?! What do you prepare, who is going to be in the room, what is...

11:45 am

Acting On Camera

Hosted by Amy Jackson - Casting Director

As a screen actor the one thing that will always be a constant given wherever you go will be the presence of a peering eye – the camera.

12:45 pm

How To Have Fun In Auditions

Hosted by Bonnie Lia, Agent

Auditions can be nerve-wracking, but they can also be a great opportunity to showcase your talent, meet new industry contacts and have fun at the same...

1:45 pm

Prepare, Perform and Push!

Hosted by Mark Jermin, Agent

Join the MARK JERMIN Team in this direct and industry inspired seminar.

2:45 pm

Self Taping Guide For Young Performers

Hosted by Sophie Kingston-Smith - Casting Director

Self-Taping is an essential skill for actors nowadays. Sophie will be discussing how to prepare yourself, and your recording space to deliver footage...

3:45 pm

Finding & Working With New Talent

Hosted by Daniel Edwards - Casting Director

Casting Directors are on actor’s side – they are always wanting to find fresh faces and get them seen by directors to book work. Daniel will be...

4:45 pm

How To Prepare For An Audition

Hosted by Ginny Schiller - Casting Director

Ginny will be offering some ‘golden rules’ about the audition process, what to expect, how to analyse the material you’re sent, and how to prepare...

London Wall
11:00 am

Grease The Musical: Dance Workshop

Hosted by Emily Hawgood - West End Performer

“Grease The Musical” workshop, where participants will have the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in one of the most iconic and...

12:00 pm

Hamilton: Rise Up and Dance! Musical Theatre Workshop

Hosted by Travis Kerry - West End Performer

Broadway’s most ground-breaking productions, inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda’s revolutionary musical, this workshop invites you to explore the...

1:00 pm

Musical Theatre with Spirit Young Performer’s Company

Hosted by Spirit Young Performer's Academy

There’s a reason ‘Team Spirit’ turns heads all over the world. We train young performers to be fearless, employable and mesmerising! Join us for a...

2:00 pm

Getting into Drama School

Hosted by Gemma Lawrence, Acting Coach

Applying to drama school can be daunting. Gemma Lawrence will guide you through the process, from preparing material to the auditions themselves, and...

3:00 pm

The Acting Odyssey: Journey to the Heart of Truthful Storytelling

Hosted by Bryce Russell - NYCDA

Unleash your acting potential in our immersive workshop! Develop skills, explore techniques, and ignite your passion for the stage and screen. Join us...

4:00 pm

Taking Charge Of Your Audition

Hosted by Joel Gatehouse & Lucy Stewart - PPA Sponsor

A practical workshop that will empower you to take charge of your drama school audition.

5:00 pm

TV Audition Masterclass for Aspiring Actors

Hosted by Emma Sylvester - Casting Director

Gain confidence in front of the camera with tips for framing, blocking, and delivering lines that resonate. A great opportunity to learn from...