Young Talent Expo 2023!

Young Talent Expo

For aspiring actors and performers, attending seminars led by seasoned industry professionals is a golden opportunity to gain valuable insights and advance their careers. In this blog post, we’ll explore just a few of the many exciting seminars we have lined up, featuring renowned casting directors, West End performers, and experts in the field!

Warren Bacci
Warren Bacci – Agent: Finding & Signing With An Agent

Warren Bacci, a distinguished talent agent, is here to demystify the process of securing the perfect agent. This seminar is ideal for actors seeking guidance on finding representation to propel their careers forward.

Andrea Clark
Andrea Clark – Casting Director: TV Commercials: The Audition Process

Andrea Clark, an expert in commercial casting, unravels the intricacies of auditioning for commercials. Understand how to convey your personality effectively and stand out in the short, impactful format of commercials.

Sophie Kingston-Smith
Sophie Kingston-Smith – Casting Director: Self Taping Guide For Young Performers

Self-taping has become an essential skill for young performers. Sophie Kingston-Smith, a leading casting director, shares the dos and don’ts of self-taping to ensure young actors present their best selves on tape.

Kelly Downing
Kelly Downing – West End Performer: Grease The Musical: Dance Workshop

Led by experienced West End performer Kelly Downing, this dance workshop delves into the iconic choreography of Grease the Musical. Learn the moves and techniques that captivated audiences worldwide and gain insights into the world of professional musical theatre.

And there we have it! For just £10 you have general access to the Young Talent Expo which means you will be free to roam the exhibitor stalls and watch performances throughout the day. On top of this you can buy seminars and workshops from just £10 each, there are around 20 to choose from.

But wait! What if you don’t want to miss a single thing? You can access all the seminars for just £95 in person or as recordings after the event! What’s that, Oliver Twist, you want more?! Okay then, our VIP pass will get you access to all seminars and recordings, a VIP reserved seat at each seminar/workshop, a guaranteed performance slot for agents and casting directors, a complimentary +1 for general entry (not seminars), and we’ll throw in a snack and a drink because all that networking makes us hungry!

Click HERE to see our full list of seminars and workshops!