Young Talent Expo Ticket Explanation

Young Talent Expo

Young Talent Expo is back, and takes place this October in Central London!

Our goal is to provide a platform for young creatives to nurture and develop their career by exposing themselves to new and exciting opportunities. Our expo is recognised as an invaluable resource to thousands of actors, and a highlight of the industry calendar.

To ensure the event’s growth and longevity, we have an entry free which includes a day packed full of interesting talks (as well as optional workshops and seminars you can pay extra for), a vast array of networking opportunities and direct access to our expert sponsors and exhibitors to benefit from. There are options for all different budgets, and this blog should guide you towards the ideal ticket for you!

Understanding the ticket options

Finally, a way to level up your career that appeals to any budget! Nobody wants a case of FOMO, so make sure you pick what works for you.

This makes all the seminars/workshops around £4.75 each!



Q. Can I bring my whole family along for the ride?
A. Of course! Just buy everyone a £10 general admission ticket and they can enjoy the performances on stage all day and chat to our friendly exhibitors.

Q. Will there be opportunities to perform?
A. Head over to our social media and stay tuned to find out!

Q. I have a question, how can I contact you?
A. Our social media pages are linked below, we read all messages and we even respond!